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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ephesus- Library and Commercial Agora

At the start of the tour, the Library was what I was most excited to see! My memory is fading a little, but I think I remember the guide saying that it was one of the biggest libraries in the ancient world, after Alexandria and maybe Rome. 

First, a picture from a distance:

Now at the street right in front:

Turing right, towards the Commercial Agora:

Outside the library are four statues representing four virtues. Here they are from left to right:

Sophia - wisdom (I can recognize that one)

Arete - Ephesus' website says it means valor, but Professor Finnigan says it means excellence

Ennoia - intelligence 

Episteme - knowledge


Inside the arch

Next, the Commercial Agora. This is where all the shops would have been, and it's down the hill so it's closer to the harbor.

Looking at it from the Theater entrance. 

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  1. The statues for intelligence and knowledge have no heads. There's something ironic about that.