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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Rest of Mytilene

The rest of the day in Mytilene was a lot of looking around and enjoying the lovely place. Here are a few pictures of the places that stood out to me:

A pretty street

According to the guide, this is the only church in Mytilene dedicated to St. Paul.

The guide told us that when Greece became independent from Turkey, the two countries made laws requiring all Greeks in Turkey to move to Greece and all Turks in Greece to move to Turkey. This statue is of a Greek woman arriving in Mytilene after losing her home in Turkey; if I remember correctly, she's looking back towards Turkey.

This flag was next to the statue of the Asia Minor Mother. There's a picture of it unfurled below.

Just because he's cute...

I cannot find this church on the internet, but I am still looking. The guide told us that it was built while Mytilene was still under Ottoman rule.

Here's the flag from earlier. The image on the flag is the double-headed eagle of the Byzantine Empire.

A look at Mytilene from walking around the harbor.

Looking back from the boat.

An ancient building we passed on the boat ride back to Turkey

That was my day in Greece. I am still looking for that church somewhere else on the internet, because I've forgotten what it's called, but when I find it, I will update this. 


  1. I like how you have your priorities straight. Always, ALWAYS take a picture of the cute puppy dog.
    Now I want to go there and pet it...