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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mytilene - Castle, Part I

I have no idea how many parts there will be. This was a big castle. Here goes!

This was from the walk up, looking back down.

This castle was either built by the Byzantines or mostly redone by the Byzantines - I do not remember which. I do vaguely remember someone saying the red stones were typical of the Byzantine era. 

The next two pictures are the symbols of people who ruled there. I think the eagle on the top is the symbol of the Gattilusio family, who lived in the castle. Beneath it are three more symbols; the middle one is the double-headed eagle of the Byzantine Empire. 

These are four "G's", and one of them stands for "Gattilusio", the family name. I have completely forgotten what the other ones stand for.

This was the foundation to the temple or shrine of pagan goddesses. Wikipedia says it's for Demeter, Kore, and Cybele, 
These next pictures were of a foundation of a building that was first a church and then a mosque.

This would have been at the entrance

More buildings:

I believe the guide said this was the powder magazine

These are from the Ottoman times

This next building was built by the Byzantines, but the Ottomans added the bricks to keep the moisture out:

More of the outside:

The next building, which was fenced off, was used as a madrassa, or a Muslim school. Wikipedia says that they can be any type of school, secular or religious, but I'm pretty sure the guide said this one was strictly religious.

And that's the end of the first part. More pictures of the castle next!

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